Online Marketing

Aug 11

Online Video Blogs (Vlogging)

Updating your clients using video is a fantastic way to convey an engaging personal message. How often do you receive HTML email newsletters with wads of text and no clear message of informing you of what it is actually about.

Video Blogs can be used in your HTML email newsletter, on your Facebook page, YouTube or on your company website in the news section.

So what would you blog about? Clients of ours video blog about everything from new offices through to internal videos with their team. This video below which was filmed for a Medical Recruitment company in Christchurch shows you that with a camera a good microphone you can video blog almost anywhere! This video was filmed in the snow room at the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch New Zealand.

Quick tips
• Video blogs shouldn’t be any longer than 3 minutes
• The person being filmed should always be looking down the barrel of the camera to ensure a honest friendly feeling for the viewer
• The blogger should read from their head rather than trying to follow a script to give a natural approach
• One take is best if you can manage it
• Changing shots from wide to tight where possible will give your video some variation
• Always use professional audio! We can’t stress this enough! No one wants to watch a video with poor audio you will discourage your viewers within the first few seconds of the video!
• Include a baseline introducing the video blogger and any company graphics to ensure new viewers can identify with you and your company if the video is shared across social networking sites

Video blogging is great fun and has high success rates!

Enjoy! :)

Aug 11

Starting out on YouTube

Marketing your brand on YouTube is a great opportunity to not only engage, but it’s also amazing for SEO.

With millions of visitors a day, YouTube is a fantastic potential marketing tool and should sit alongside Facebook, Twitter and other social media services in your online marketing toolbox. Pretty much any business type can benefit from marketing on the world’s biggest video sharing site,but getting started can be daunting, especially if you have no experience in that arena.

Its amazing how many small businesses are using video however are not using YouTube as a channel to promote their videos. YouTube is free and is so powerful!

We can assist you to set up a YouTube channel and of course produce some video content for you. However if this is something you prefer to set up yourself you will find some handy hints below;

Set up a channel and brand it!
Checkout the options available to customise your channel. You can view the Grid City YouTube channel here to see how ours has been branded

Tag your content
YouTube has an internal keyword system which shouldn’t be overlooked. When tagging your videos remember to put yourself in your customers shoes, what would they search for? For example, “Legal Services Christchurch” or “Finance Company Auckland”

Use annotations
Annotations allow you to link your videos within YouTube or direct them to websites. You can view an example below

Promote your content with an advert
Everything that you have done to promote your YouTube channel so far is free! The next step to obtain the maximum benefit is to promote your videos. YouTube’s promoted videos can help you to reach your audience and get more video view.

YouTube help
YouTube has a great help section which can be found here

We hope this information is helpful and remember we are here to do it all for you from set up through to providing video content!

Jun 11

Online Video Profiles

More and more companies are using video to promote themselves online.

Research indicates that if users cannot quickly ascertain details regarding the person or company they are contemplating dealing with then they simply move on to the next option.

Video profiles are a great way to get your message across quickly and professionally. As you can use your Video profiles across a range of networks such as Facebook and YouTube, new customers can find you quicker than when trawling through numerous Real Estate websites.  Even better, you can also see how many times your video is being viewed which is an option that wasn’t available to John Wanamaker in 1903 when he commented that; 

”Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”

Our selection of Video Profiles will provide you with a point of difference and help you to grow your Real Estate Business. Bespoke or “tailored” requirements are also no problem along with assisting you to develop your own Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts or YouTube pages. These can promote both yourself as well as your Listings.

We offer various types of Video Profiles to cater for a range of budgets … we know everyone isn’t that keen to jump in front of the camera so we also offer a video profile which is made using still photos and a voice over (see example below).

A comment that we often hear is “I’m not sitting in front of the camera” or “that’s just not me”. We agree, being filmed is a new experience for most of us but is no different from when you are sitting with clients and building re pore.

If you are thinking about making a video yourself think very carefully about what message you want to get across. Getting a professional video profile will be the difference between someone pushing play and stop within 5 seconds and someone watching the full 90 seconds and picking up the phone and making the call. Poor sound, poor cinematography and poor content can turn viewers off. Also, if you aren’t prepared to invest in quality marketing for yourself then it doesn’t set a very good example to potential clients or vendors that are thinking about listing their home with you.

For as little as $350 you can get yourself a video profile to put on your website, post to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All Grid City Video Profiles include hosting so you will receive a hit counter each week informing you of how many hits your video has had. Below are some Video Profile examples as you will see you can include client testimonials, background music and graphics. It all depends on what look and feel you want to achieve.

Online Video Profile using still photographs- Trudy Hudson, Harcourts Four Seasons

Online Video Profile with Client Testimonials – Jo Rodgers, Ray White

Online Video Profile – Laura Gregory DBR Property Financiers

Online Video Profile – Eddie McLean Harcourts Grenadier

To find out more about a video profile. Don’t hesitate to get in touch :)