Video Marketing

Aug 11

Online Video Blogs (Vlogging)

Updating your clients using video is a fantastic way to convey an engaging personal message. How often do you receive HTML email newsletters with wads of text and no clear message of informing you of what it is actually about.

Video Blogs can be used in your HTML email newsletter, on your Facebook page, YouTube or on your company website in the news section.

So what would you blog about? Clients of ours video blog about everything from new offices through to internal videos with their team. This video below which was filmed for a Medical Recruitment company in Christchurch shows you that with a camera a good microphone you can video blog almost anywhere! This video was filmed in the snow room at the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch New Zealand.

Quick tips
• Video blogs shouldn’t be any longer than 3 minutes
• The person being filmed should always be looking down the barrel of the camera to ensure a honest friendly feeling for the viewer
• The blogger should read from their head rather than trying to follow a script to give a natural approach
• One take is best if you can manage it
• Changing shots from wide to tight where possible will give your video some variation
• Always use professional audio! We can’t stress this enough! No one wants to watch a video with poor audio you will discourage your viewers within the first few seconds of the video!
• Include a baseline introducing the video blogger and any company graphics to ensure new viewers can identify with you and your company if the video is shared across social networking sites

Video blogging is great fun and has high success rates!

Enjoy! :)